Jinny and Gentleman Joe Lee

Jinny and Gentleman Joe Lee

For over 50 years, Mr. Joe Lee was a golf course architect and a consummate gentleman of the game. After his death in 2002 the Joe Lee Scholarship Foundation was created to help college bound children and employees working at courses he designed.

This site was commissioned by Joe Lee’s wife Jinny and his family to continue the legacy of Gentleman Joe Lee and to support the fund raising efforts of the Foundation. Donations are tax deductible and contributors over $50 are eligible for a complimentary copy of the Ron Whitten hardback book “Gentleman Joe Lee: 50 Years of Golf Design” (while supplies last).

Send Donations To:

Joe Lee Scholarship Foundation
25025 Thumper Lane
Hilliard, Fl 32046

Email: contact@gentlemanjoelee.org

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