Gentleman Joe Lee Monument

Gentleman Joe Lee Monument


We come here today to dedicate this plaque & stone, to Gentleman Joe Lee, for he was one of our own.

That Joe was a part of our lives, we are glad, we remember him with joy, and all the good times we had.

He could light up a room with the smile on his face, and had lots of stories to tell from almost any place.

His legacy will go on from all the courses he made, and kept alive by all the golf games yet to be played.

He may be gone from us here and in a better place, for God had been saving him a very special space.

Because God created a new golf course in Heaven, and needed Joe to fix a problem on home number seven.

He is greatly missed by all of us here, but in our minds and our hearts he will always be near.

Even though he’s not with us, and we are apart, may we think of him often with a lightness of heart.

Written by Ann Hughes – April 2003

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